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Zabel Parrott

I’m Zabel. I’m 5 and live in Summit County. I live with my mom and dad. My sister McKenzie goes to College and rides when she’s home. I have two brothers. Kyser lives with his dog a few blocks from me. My oldest brother Kohl is married to Leah. Leah is learning to snowboard. I was born to ride. I started riding at 20 months. Keystone’s the best because there is a ton for “littles” to do. My favorite person to ride with is my dad. I don’t have a favorite run – I love them all. My favorite part of riding is jumping! After boarding I hangout in the village. River Run is the best. They have fireplaces, games and always something new. If I ride by you make sure there is a “big” person with me? I might have lost them along the way. See you on the mountain.

The Adventures of Zabel – Should’ve Been A Cowboy

I wonder how many 5 year olds know the song by Toby Keith, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”? Well I do because my parents found it for me and played it. So…when Keystone Resorts asked me to go on the Dinner Wagon Trail Ride I sorta knew what a cowboy was supposed to do. Riding On […]

The Adventures of Zabel – Easy Street

Can you believe the 2014 season is already coming to an end? I was able to ride so many days and tons of terrain with my family plus I turned five years old. I’m still working on the really crazy goggle tan…someday it’ll happen when my parents forget sunscreen! With closing day approaching, I’ve been […]

The Adventures of Zabel – Spring Snowboarding!

Can you believe it’s already time for Spring on the slopes?  There is nothing better than spring snowboarding and hanging out at Keystone.  I just had a birthday and I turned 5 years old.  This is probably the 2nd snowboard season that I can remember.  As much fun as I am having with the nice […]

The Adventures of Zabel – Ready, Paint, Fire!

Try and imagine being a creative and energetic 4 year old and getting invited into a shop full of blank ceramics and paint. Well…that’s exactly what happened. I was invited into a place in Keystone Resort’s River Run Village, called Ready, Paint, Fire! This place was loaded with ceramics to paint (I didn’t break anything, can […]

The Adventures of Zabel – Bigfoot Adventure Walk

Have any of you heard of Bigfoot? Do you guys believe? Well a few days ago I decided to expand my education from memorizing the letters in my name and my mom’s cell phone number to looking at the facts and deciding if I believe in Bigfoot. I have always believed in Bigfoot. My mom and […]

The Adventures of Zabel – Top 10 #keystonemoments of 2013

As a 4 year old I don’t even understand a New Year’s Resolution. All I can say is, how can things get much better than 2013? Let’s take a look at my top 10 Keystone moments of 2013: 1. Opening Day of Keystone 9. Epic Mix taking my picture when we get off the gondola 9. […]