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Keystone Snowmaking Upgrades

Aug 1, 2019

Keystone’s own Loryn Roberson is sharing the exciting updates to our snowmaking systems!

We’re upgrading our snowmaking system to a state-of-the-art, automated, energy-efficient system that will assist in allowing us to operate more productively in the early-season.

This investment in snowmaking will help to position Keystone as one of the first resorts to open in Colorado and the U.S. each season. This could bring our opening day forward by up to three weeks!

The project consists of power upgrades, digging new pipes, and the installation of new, high-efficiency snowguns that are able to make more snow using less energy. In September, the entire snowmaking system will be ready for testing and charging. In ideal conditions, snow can begin to be made in early October. 

Our team is busy working on this project now, and it is expected to be completed and available for use beginning with the 2019-20 season.

The capital investment plans at Keystone Resort focus on Dercum Mountain and will automate snowmaking and add additional snowmaking hydrants across 44 acres of terrain, as well as replace aging infrastructure in order to operate more effectively and efficiently in narrow early-season production windows. The upgrades to Keystone’s existing snowmaking infrastructure will take advantage of improved technology to make snow in a more energy-efficient manner.

This summer, our teams are hard at work! Check back here for updates as the season grows closer.

Update: Aug 14, 2019

Devin Edwards, Snowmaking Manager at Keystone diving into some tech specs on the pipe install that will make snowmaking even more efficient this season!

Get ready for winter and stay tuned for updates.