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Denny’s Top Five Frontside Trails

Whether you like cruising groomers or skiing bumps, this list of my top 5 trails on the frontside will have something to suit your fancy. 1. Schoolmarm – This green trail goes from the top of Dercum Mountain all the way to the bottom of the Peru Express. It is 3.5 miles and has rollers […]

Choosing the Right Lesson: A Guide to Keystone’s Ski and Ride School

Private Lesson, Group Lesson, Ultimate 4, Max 3, Kroozers, Explorers, Mom, Dad, and  Me, and Riglet?  When booking a lesson, all these terms can be a bit overwhelming. To help you with choosing the right lesson for you and your family, here is a quick guide to Keystone’s Ski and Ride School programs. Private Lessons Keystone Ski and Ride School is proud to offer […]

Senior skiers conquer Keystone

If you’re going to ride every chairlift at a ski resort, you’re going to need a few things. Among them:  a support team consisting of a camera man, lift operators and a planning agent; a carefully constructed schedule, legs of steel, and an AARP card. Yes, typically those who have an AARP card don’t have […]

Chicks rule at Betty Fest

Pink feathers decorated the slopes of Keystone ski resort Jan. 22 – 23, as over 50 women gathered for Betty Fest.  The event offers a lady of any ability level the unique opportunity to ski or snowboard in a small group with other women.  Groups are paired with highly qualified instructors. “Women teaching women is […]