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Our Favorite Kidtopia Programs for Rainy Days!

Gloomy, rained out days can be a bummer on a family vacation. Who wants to stay cooped up in their hotel room because of unpredictable Mother Nature? But rain or shine, Kidtopia keeps the family fun going! We want to share with you our favorite programs that are great for those rainy days. Our programs take place regardless of unpleasant weather, and one of them even accommodates the outdoor weather. Kidtopia has your family fun ready, even when the sun isn’t shining!

Cupcakes & Canvas

Let your inner artist get creative with this popular Thursday program hosted at Kidtopia Headquarters. Guided by an art teacher, kids paint along an example illustration and create keepsake artwork. The painting illustration is a new surprise every week, from alpine wildflowers to mountain wildlife. And as the paint dries, kids enjoy one of Chef Ned Archibald’s tasty cupcakes. Yummy!

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Cupcakes & Canvas, Summer Programs, Kidtopia, Keystone Resort, Colorado


Face Painting & Craft-er-noon

Hosted in Kidtopia Headquarters, your family will have plenty of fun to choose from during this Friday afternoon program. Kiddos can get creative making the craft of the day or have their face painted by a professional paint artist. There are also toys and games galore in our Headquarters; ranging from toddler toys and stuffed animals for the little ones to foosball and corn hole for the older set.

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Wild West Night

Afraid the rain will put out our campfire? Not a chance! Wild West Night goes on every Wednesday at the Keystone Stables, but you don’t have to worry about packing extra umbrellas. We host our Kidtopia fun under their big-top tent, large enough to seat at least a hundred guests. Our family-friendly movie is projected onto a movie-theater style screen within the tent, with our fun bandana coloring craft for even more entertainment!

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Wild West Night, Summer Programs, Kidtopia, Keystone Resort, Colorado