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Beat the heat: Keystone’s snow tubing hill is still open!

It’s extremely hot in Denver right now.  I’m talking about flirting with 100 degrees.  Celsius.  No, just kidding, but it’s a scorcher.

Are you at home trying to beat the heat?  And by ‘beat the heat’ I don’t mean frying eggs on the sidewalk just because you can.  I’ve done that.  It works.  And it tastes like the bottom of someone’s shoe.  I also don’t just mean running through the sprinklers or jumping in a pool – that can be done almost anywhere.  Let’s get a bit more adventurous.

I’m talking about truly avoiding the heat and heading into the mountains for something spectacular.  Something that will make you ask, “Wow, there’s still snow up there?”

The answer is, “Yes.”

And, it will be around through at least the end of July.  Maybe even longer?  You bet.  If the snow’s there, the tubing hill is there.

Keystone Resort‘s Adventure Point houses a tubing hill at the top of Dercum Mountain that is still packed with chilled snow, providing for a smooth downhill slope for you and your trusty inner tube.  Let the breeze blast through your hair and the cool air lower your body temperature.  Not to mention, the tubing hill is extremely fun!  And, after you hit the tube slope you can pop over to Summit House for some grub, cold beers  and yard games.  You’re at the top of an 11,500 foot mountain; you might as well make the most of it!

The fact that Keystone still has enough snow up top to provide for an activity such as a tubing hill in late July seems ridiculous.  But, it’s not.

Adventure Point Manager, Chris Sorensen, had this to say, “It’s so hot around the country and we still have plenty of snow on the tubing hill – as long as we have it we’ll be here to help people beat the heat and participate in a fun activity at the same time!”  Sorensen predicts at the very least two to three more weeks of adequate tubing conditions.

Yes, that is, summer snow tubing conditions we are talking about.

I was able to give the tubing hill a go.  One word sums it up: Awesome.  Very, very fun stuff.  Also, the entire process comes with so much ease to the customer; the covered magic carpet lift takes you right back to the top and all you have to do is stand there and look at the view, or watch your friends and family spin their way down the slope.

For $29 per person you get unlimited runs, as many as you can do, in one hour.   Sorensen said that people were typically getting an average of 10 runs in.  I did it once and had a blast.  Nine more times?  Sign me up.

So, come on out to Keystone in the next few weeks to play in the snow.

You’ll then find yourself asking, “What heat?”


For full details and information on the Keystone Resort snow tubing hill, please visit the website.


-Jeff Werkheiser

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