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Don’t Miss Our Scenic Mountain Top Snowcat Tours


Even if you’re not a skier or snowboarder, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to experience the expansive terrain of Keystone Resort. Our Mountain Top Snowcat Tours offer guests a unique way to experience the breathtaking scenery of Keystone’s back bowls, along with views of the Continental Divide, Ten Mile and Gore Range, all from the warmth of a heated snowcat. A snowcat is a powerful machine that is used for everything from grooming the slopes, building terrain park features, and navigating some of the more difficult terrain not accessible by foot alone. They’re pretty awesome!


The Mountain Top Snowcat Tour departs from the summit of Dercum Mountain, where your cat guide will meet you at the Summit House fireplace, and escort you to the snow cat to start your adventure. A scenic lift ticket is included in your tour, so if you have time, head up the gondola a little early, check out the snow fort and grab some lunch or a cup of hot chocolate at the Summit House before you head out with your guide.

As you leave the summit of Dercum Mountain, your guide navigates the snow packed road along a section of popular terrain known as “The Windows.”  As you plow through the forest in the snowcat, you truly feel like you’re in the heart of the wilderness. Eventually, you’ll come to a clearing at the top of The Windows where you’ll hop off at roughly 11,700ft. and have an opportunity to view the alpine landscape and take pictures of North Peak, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Guyot. Think you’re done there? Nope. The next climb will bring you to the top of Keystone….


Once you’re back on the snow cat, your guide will begin the ascent up another road which is used to access Keystone’s back bowls (Independence, Bergman, Erickson, North, and South Bowls). The trees slowly become fewer and fewer as you climb above tree line to the top of Bergman Bowl at rougly 12,400t, where you’ll exit the snow cat once again to take in some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. If you’re not familiar with the local peaks, just ask your guide and they’ll be happy to point out all the prominent landmarks in sight. Once you’ve had the chance to take in all the awesome views, you’ll hop back on the snow cat and begin the descent back to the summit of Dercum Mountain.


Even on a snowy day where the horizon is just out of view, it’s still an incredible way to view the terrain that not many guests get to see. The tour lasts a little more than two hours, but the memories will last a lifetime.  There’s truly no better way to experience the stunning scenery that Keystone has to offer then booking a Mountain Top Snowcat Tour.


 For more information or to book a reservation call 800-354-4386.

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