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My Top 5 Winter & Summer Keystone Moments

What a winter it was! Was. How could I already be using past tense to describe the 14/15 season already?


Spring is always a bittersweet season, and mud season in the high country becomes the epitome of an in-between time period. I can’t wait to get to hiking, fishing, camping, biking, and generally enjoying the warmer weather. During this time in between though I can’t help but reminisce on some of the amazing Keystone Moments I got to enjoy this winter. Here’s my top 5 winter experiences & the 5 summer activities I can’t wait to experience at Keystone :

1. Pow days! 

Starting with a whopping 42″ November storm this season had it’s share of powder days! This light, dry, and fluffy snow was way different the sierra cement I grew up with.

2. Schlittentag!

If you haven’t seen these costume clad dare devils flying down a slope, you’ve been missing out on some of the most fun you can have off your skis or board. Crafts ranged from inner tubes to bath tubs bolted onto skis. Needless to say the carnage of the crashes is next level, and the victorious teams are truly deserving.

3. Penny the Avy Puppy!

You’re telling me I can go to work, snowboard, and meet a new adorable puppy? This Keystone moment needs no further explanation. 

4. Mountain Top Kat Tour!


You’ve got to take in the views from some of Keystone’s highest terrain. We loaded in for our tour on top of Dercum and traversed the ridge up Erickson & Independence bowls. This is definitely a different way to see the Mountain.

5. Golden Hours!



Later in the season as the days grew longer, the snow held up later into the day which made for some great sunset riding. Golds, reds, and purples would paint the sky as I would ride down Schoolmarm or Silver Spoon.


Looking forward to Summer, here are my top 5 activites i can’t wait to expierience at Keystone:


1. Hitting The Green!


I definitely need to work on my short game a bit.

2. Bacon!


So much Bacon! I missed this super savory festival last year, but i’m already getting my plan ready for maximum bacon tastings!

3.Taking a Mountain Biking lesson!


Honestly i’m terrified. Hurling down a snow covered slope with my board is a much different story than a bike on dirt, but I’ve vowed to get into a beginners clinic this summer and try out some of the trails & skills park.

4. Getting Out On The Lake!


I can’t wait to try out paddle board yoga!

5. Hiking!


Keystone offers a variety of guided hiking tours which would be a mellow way to spend a Saturday morning and learn a little more about the mountain. I’ll also be on the look out for some new zones to explore in winter too!