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Carol’s Blog – Spring Break

IMG_7059As far as I’m concerned spring skiing is the best time to ski. I tell my family to come up to the mountains in March because the weather, snow conditions, deals, decks, activities and events are all perfect for some family fun!

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove the pow days, but there is something special and relaxing about skiing on a warm spring day. You don’t have to worry about remembering all the layers, hand warmers and face coverings that make you look like an unrecognizable marshmallow. My little cousins love the fact that my sister doesn’t chase them zipping-up their jackets and stuffing hand warmers into every pocket (but she does lather on the sunscreen!)

The softer snow even makes my 66 year old dad brave enough to swap his skis for a snowboard. Last year he tried snowboarding for the first time, he took a lesson at the Keystone Ski and Snowboard School, and by the end of the day not only was he quite the shredder, but his backside was still feeling good after all the soft falls.


For the more intense skier, Uncle Eddie in my family, the conditions are still great! The storms that do roll in are falling on top of an already established base. With night skiing available most days till 8 pm there is a potential for 11.5 hours of skiing in the day…let just say we don’t see a ton of Uncle Eddie off the slopes.

My family likes to stay at Keystone in March because of all the wonderful deals happening! They try to book early to take advantage of spring deals, like lodging deals up to 50% off. If they stay two or more nights the kids ski free and they receive free night skiing on the day of arrival, free ice skating with 20% off skate rentals and free yoga class admission. There are also some exclusive discounts for season pass holders.

KEY_2509BenLindbloomI can usually find Mom (who is more of the spas and deck skier) soaking up the sunshine, lounging on the deck at Kickapoo, the patio at 9280’ Taphouse or in the Adirondack chairs at Labonte’s Beach.  The rest of the family will join her post skiing to enjoy some afternoon sunshine with a cold beer and a big plate of nachos.

We find the free spring events to be the most animated: Rail jams, pond skimming, and the Red Bull Schelittentag. And as always at Keystone, the kids rule! My cousins love all the Kidtopia activities: meet-and-greet with the avy dogs, DJ parties at the ice rink, Bigfoot Walks, and of course daily cookie hour at the Dercum Square Ice Rink. Saturdays are their favorite with Ripperoo’s Village Parade (floats, mascots, and choreographed dancing!) at 4:00 and the fireworks display at 7:00. The whole family can enjoy all sorts of fee events!


All those reasons are why my family loves spending March at Keystone for some spring fun!