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Downhill Dash – Race results!

Downhill Dash – Mosquito Coast 7/26

30 riders joined us for the third downhill dash of the year. Hosted on intermediate (blue square) trail Mosquito Coast, riders of all ages competed for the fastest time! (See below for race results & video of the day.)

Afterwards we all met at 9280 for the awards ceremony. In addition to prizes for the winners,  raffle tickets were given to all participants and 2 GoPro Hero 6’s were given away.

The final downhill dash of the year will take place next Thursday, August 9th at 5 p.m.  Participants are required to have a valid bike haul pass for the day of the race, (or a season’s pass), but there is no additional cost to enter the race.  Two more GoPro Hero 6’s will be up for grabs after the race- see you then!

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Mosquito Coast 7_26 Race Results Sheet1