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The Adventures of Zabel – Cycling Through Summer

Bike 13
Zabel age 5, Colorado Kid


Summer and bikes are a perfect pair.  I have loved riding my bike around Keystone this summer.  I’m not on a Strider bike anymore and now I just ride a two wheeler.  What is so great about 2 wheelers is you can get going really fast and then use your brakes for a quick stop.  When I was using my strider I was always wearing out my shoes because I had to drag my toes to stop.

Bike 8

Bike 7

The Skills Park is my favorite part of riding bikes at Keystone.  I get to go over the three little jumps and I am flying when I hit those.  I also like to try and get my bike across the wooden bridge.  It is scary and hard but super fun to try.  There are a few things in the Skills Park that I’m not up for trying with my bike.  However, I love to run and jump across these things and pretend I am doing a ninja obstacle course.



Bike 11

This fall my mom and dad have already told me I get a new bike that’s going to be bigger with hand brakes.  I hope it’s blue, black and red.  I want it to have hand brakes, bell and a letter F instead of a number.  I also am going to get some bike pads for my arms and legs and a new red brain bucket (helmet).  I think I am going to be super fast when I get all this stuff.


If any kid is looking for a place to come and ride the trails and ride the Skills Park I think they should come to Keystone.  In my family we call Keystone – KIDSTONE!  Everyone is so nice to me when I am riding or playing in the village.  It’s an incredible place to live and a great place for kids to visit.


If you find your family heading to KIDSTONE (Keystone) then hopefully you might see me and we can do a Bike 10few laps.  Give me a shout on Instagram @zabelrocksinsummit.  Almost all of my pictures are from Keystone.  That’s because Keystone rocks!


Hugs and High Five’s!




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  1. This little guy started kindergarten today. Man is he ever going to miss the long days in the village. What an awesome summer we had.

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