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The Adventures of Zabel – Bigfoot Adventure Walk


Have any of you heard of Bigfoot? Do you guys believe? Well a few days ago I decided to expand my education from memorizing the letters in my name and my mom’s cell phone number to looking at the facts and deciding if I believe in Bigfoot. I have always believed in Bigfoot. My mom and I have watch programs about finding Bigfoot. This class was sure to help me decide if he really is alive.

Our instructor had a sweatshirt on that said “Bigfoot University.” He told us all about Bigfoot. Apparently, Bigfoot eats pine cones. Yuck! But the instructor showed us proof that Bigfoot has been to Keystone. He had pinecones that only grow in California found at Keystone by a ski patrol. The professor believes Bigfoot carried the pinecones here all the way from California. We also learned that Bigfoot sleeps on branches and has really course black hair.


After getting all the facts the professor had us suit up in our outside gear. It was a cold night and we were going to be outside in the elements for an hour looking for proof that Bigfoot does exist and visits Keystone.


I was getting pretty nervous. I just kept telling myself that these people are all trying to pull a fast one on us little guys. I knew not to be scared because we learned Bigfoot was not dangerous. In spite of my nerves we headed out on our trek. Along our walk we found other things that would lead me to believe Bigfoot was real. I found course black hair on a tree, antlers in the snow and a stick that Bigfoot had sharpened for fishing. The craziest thing was the giant foot prints that I spotted all throughout the woods.


After all was said and done and I was back in the warm Kidtopia room pondering all my little brain could handle, I realized more than ever that “I Believe.” I had all the proof I needed.


I want to recommend that all kids who are visiting Keystone to sign up for this class. It’s free, fun, and will help you determine if you believe. Don’t be afraid! It happens every Tuesday and Saturday at 5:30pm, over at the Kidtopia Headquarters in River Run Village. For more info see the event page, here.


Hugs and High Fives,

~ Zabel

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  1. go get-em Zabel!!

  2. Hi Zabel — I loved reading your report about your BIGFOOT adventure — I imagine the night out in the snow in search for evidence of BIGFOOT was a bit "chilling", but it turned out to be a great, successful adventure — GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks again

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