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The Adventures of Zabel: Early Season


Can I just say I think I am the luckiest ‘little‘ around. Not only do I get to live in Summit County year-round, but I get to spend most weekends at Keystone Resort. Since opening day, I have been on the mountain about 10 days. Sometimes I take the gondola up with my dad and family. Other times, my dad finds us a nice quiet spot and we get working on building me a small jump. After my jump is built, I employee my dad (he works for free) as my human lift. He hauls me up the mountain and runs down to make sure I’ve got my stop nice and tight.


I’ve ridden a few times with my brother and his friends, which is awesome because I get to be a bit more crazy and most people just think I’m another cool twenty-something tearing up some powder.


My favorite après hang out is at River Run village. I warm my fingers at the toasty fire pits, my dad and I play hide and seek at the cowboy park, and we usually make a stop at the toy store.


People, trust me, I can’t make this stuff up! Keystone blows a four year old’s mind. I’m so excited for Winter to be back, and who know’s what I’ll get myself into this season. Hope to see you all on the mountain soon!

High fives and hugs,

– Zabel

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  1. Zabel…. Grandma is so proud of you!! Great pictures. Do you think you could teach me how to snowboard???

  2. Georgan Reitmeier

    What a doll!

  3. What an awesome place for Zabel to spend his time. Life couldn't be much sweeter for this kid.

  4. Petra Holt

    aaawww another little love who is such a cutie and a talent! I think you can teach both my Quentin and I some snowboarding next year, huh? we may see you around but enjoy being the lucky you as being raised in mountains is awesome.

  5. Wow!! He is super cool. It would be so awesome to see Zabel and Shaun White together boarding down the mountain!!!

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