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The Adventures of Zabel – Ready, Paint, Fire!


Try and imagine being a creative and energetic 4 year old and getting invited into a shop full of blank ceramics and paint. Well…that’s exactly what happened. I was invited into a place in Keystone Resort’s River Run Village, called Ready, Paint, Fire! This place was loaded with ceramics to paint (I didn’t break anything, can you believe it?), and an entire wall with shelves stacked with paints of all colors. They also had blank canvases that I plan on painting a huge mural on my next visit.


So after I picked out my two ceramic pieces, I got my apron on, and found myself a nice table by the window so I could have plenty of natural light to use for painting.


First up was a cool jet plane. The painting assistant had the great idea of putting my name on my wing in stickers. I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about but when she explained it, it was such a cool idea! We put my name in stickers on the wing of the jet plane, painted right over the stickers, and then after I finished painting, we peeled the stickers off and had a nice clean “Zabel” right there on the wing!


Next, I painted a plate. Once again, the painting assistant had the awesome idea to paint a moose face in the middle using only my hands and feet. It was a blast.  My mom and dad were pretty helpful trying to choose colors and everything, although I really didn’t need any help because everything in that place was made for kids to come have fun.


Well, to everyone’s surprise this activity was was so awesome and nothing was broken at the end of the day. I suggest all kids give this a try.  It is super fun and at the end of the day, you get to have a ceramic piece at home that you will be able to tell guests that you created all by yourself. Located just across the street from the Dercum Ice Skating Rink in the Expedition Station building, Ready, Paint, Fire! is a perfect place to spend a creative afternoon at.


If you don’t see me on the mountain, there is a very good chance that I will be at Ready, Paint, Fire!

Hugs & High Fives,

~ Zabel

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