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7 Tips For Taking A Ski Vacation With Another Family {So You Remain Friends When You Get Home}

Taking a ski vacation with another family can either be an exciting adventure or daunting ordeal. It’s a great way to change up the trip dynamic & save a few extra bucks by splitting the cost of lodging. But, factor in the complexity of a first-ever-ski-vacation and the experience is elevated to an entirely different level.

To set your trip up for success, we’ve compiled some travel tips so that you can have an awesome vacation, and make it home to tell the tale!

7 Tips For Taking A Ski Vacation With Another Family


Pick the right family.

This is the most important tip, period. If you choose the WRONG family, it can ruin your hard-earned vacation.

We took this ski vacation with my friend and fellow blogger, Kristen from Dine and Dish to Keystone, CO. We are fortunate because our families get along splendidly. (Including our husbands.) Kristen’s kiddos and my kiddos are the same ages (or within a few months). And while they don’t see each other every week, they have hung out enough to not feel “weird” around each other for the first couple of days.

Have a mini-meeting so everyone is on the same page.

About two weeks before we left for the mountains, Kristen and I had a mini meeting and discussed the condo, food, travel times, and expectations. We mapped out a snack and meal plan and divided responsibilities. Talked about driving together. Discussed what wine we wanted to drink. You know, important things!

In all seriousness, these meetings are so important because you are able to get on the same page or voice concerns before they become an issue during the vacation.


Find Activities the kids can do by themselves.

Ski School.

It’s the bomb. It’s an investment, but it is the surest way that kids (and adults) will learn to ski and love the mountain.

Look at this crew! This is the second year my kiddos have been in Keystone’s ski school and I’m pretty sure my son is going to out ski me by the end of next year.

There are several reasons why I think Keystone has the best ski school in Colorado. First, the instructors are PRIMO. They love kids and they love teaching kids to ski. Second, Keystone has four children’s ski areas to help them master their skills, including the Schoolmarm green run which meanders then entire length of the mountain for 3.5 miles. (And believe me, kiddos think it is wicked cool to ride the BIG lift to the top and then ski all the way down.)

Plus, ski school is from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, which allows adults to ski on your own, shop, have lunch, grab a beer or take a nap.

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About the Author:
Kelly first visited Keystone during the 2013-14 season and returned this year with friends because she loved it so much! She’s from Kansas City has two kids and a new (adorable) puppy. She enjoys blogging about style, beauty, home, life, travel and food while laughing and embracing all things that come her way.