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End of Summer and Trail Crew Appreciation Day

Ajdodds_20160809_Keystone_MtBike_00053As closing weekend approaches, we reflect on the exciting summer we had, and on those who helped make it all possible. On behalf of Keystone Resort, we’d like to thank all of our hardworking employees who helped make this summer so unforgettable. Thank you to our friends at the summer snow tubing hill, the golf course, the Keystone Stables, the Play Park, Studio K, the Adventure Center, the Keystone Bike Park and many more! Keystone Resort strives to provide our guests with an Ultimate Summer Family Adventure, and it takes a great team of employees to do just that.

The second weekend in September marks the second annual “Trail Crew Appreciation Day.” Keystone Resort would like to send a special shout out to Keystone’s Bike Park Crew who provided yet another incredible season of unique and high quality trails for all levels of riders. We’d like to dedicate this weekend to our hardworking trail crew, and ask everyone to help us celebrate Trail Crew Appreciation Day.Ajdodds_20160809_Keystone_MtBike_00071

Behind every epic mountain bike trail are innovative and skilled individuals who work continuously to make your time at Keystone
Bike Park enjoyable and safe.  Not only would we like to recognize the crew for their extraordinary talents, but also to the first responders on the trails who are always ready to snap into action when someone gets hurt. We sincerely thank our trail crew for an amazing season. Show your appreciation today by sharing your favorite Bike Park #KeystoneMoments and be sure to use the hashtag #TrailCrewAppreciationDay! Also be sure to get your last riding days in at the Keystone Bike Park this weekend and next weekend before the season ends.

Thanks for a great season!