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Introducing EpicMix™ Time


If EpicMix™ Photo, Racing, Academy, Vertical Feet Capture, Pins, Guide and Challenges weren’t enough for you check out Vail Resorts breakthrough technology EpicMix Time. The EpicMix app has recently expanded their industry-leading ski and snowboard app with a new feature EpicMix Time, that allows guests at Keystone, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Vail to access real-time lift line wait times, lift information and current location on the map with GPS. Guests visiting Keystone Resort can now utilize this App to better navigate the mountain and maximize their ski or ride day.

“EpicMix Time provides transparency for lift line wait times, which helps our skiers and riders get the most out of their day on the mountain at our Colorado resorts,” said Kirsten Lynch, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Vail Resorts. “Providing real-time lift line wait times is a first for the ski industry,” said Robert Urwiler, Vail Resorts’ executive vice president and chief information officer. “We’re applying unique and sophisticated analytics to calculate reliable wait time information for our guests. As the season goes on, we’ll continue to ‘fine-tune’ the system to become more and more accurate.”  “In addition, we’re pairing GPS-enabled trail maps with the lift line wait times,” added Urwiler. “The ability to know precisely where you are on the map and see the wait times at the nearest lifts is going to be very powerful for helping guests navigate the mountain and find the best terrain options to maximize their day.”

In Keystone, CO.
EpicMix Photo

Guests need only update or download the EpicMix app from the iTunes Store or Google Play for the Android Market. Tapping the EpicMix Time icon on the app will then give guests real-time lift line wait time data at the company’s four Colorado resorts – Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge – right in the palm of their hands.


In Keystone, CO.
EpicMix Academy

EpicMix debuted in 2010 as an RFID-based system, which allows skiers and riders to track their days on the slopes and share their accomplishments via social media while never getting in the way of the on-mountain skiing and riding experience. The RFID chip in season passes and day tickets tracks vertical feet, number of lift rides and other data. Vail Resorts followed the original EpicMix with EpicMix Photo, delivering free digital photos through ski pass information; EpicMix Racing, recording digitized amateur racing statistics; EpicMix Academy, providing information and goals for guests enrolled in ski school; and EpicMix Challenges, allowing guests to compete against friends and family on the mountain. After piloting EpicMix Time in Colorado, Vail Resorts plans to expand the program to its other destinations in upcoming seasons, as well as expanding the program to give updates on on-mountain restaurant and retail store wait times. Vail Resorts has been using RFID for “hands free” ticket scanning for seven years, a system which also allows guests to purchase and reload their tickets both on the web and on mobile devices. Guests can activate their free EpicMix accounts here.