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Stress Relief, Yoga and Nature

By Renee Rogers

Lakeside Village in evening in summer
The Lakeside Village is home to Keystone’s newest addition, Studio K.

An instant way to decompress the mind and body is to take time to connect with nature.  Getting outside and breathing in fresh air, taking in the scenery and smelling the air and flowers awakens all ones senses, creating an instant connection and sense of gratitude.

In our busy lives it is easy to put ourselves last, creating tension and regret. Stress can build up and healthy habits begin to be put on the back burner. Some great stress relief techniques include standing up and opening the chest/heart center, breathing with intention and practicing yoga postures.

Conference Center and Activities in Keystone, Colorado.

Breathing with intention, take a few minutes of out your hectic day to breath in and out of your nose. Close your eyes and inhale through your nose as if you smell something wonderful; such as fresh air, take 2-4 seconds to inhale. Exhale, again through your nose and for 2-4 seconds. If you need to release extra anxiety or relax further, exhale through your mouth as a cleansing breath with power and purpose.

Studio K in beautiful Keystone, Colorado will be offering outdoor Yoga Adventures this summer, on top of the mountain, after a bike ride or hike and on Stand up Paddle boards. The experience of practicing yoga outside is the ultimate in a practice, truly connecting to one’s self and all that surrounds.

Studio K will also be holding a free Stress Relief Through Meditation Workshop on June 4th! Call 970 496 4118 to reserve your spot!