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Chicks rule at Betty Fest

Pink feathers decorated the slopes of Keystone ski resort Jan. 22 – 23, as over 50 women gathered for Betty Fest.  The event offers a lady of any ability level the unique opportunity to ski or snowboard in a small group with other women.  Groups are paired with highly qualified instructors.

“Women teaching women is a pretty powerful thing” Instructor Gail Imel said.

Betties enjoyed two days of specialized instruction and pampering on the mountain.  The instruction catered specifically to improving balance, refining form and boosting confidence.

Day one began with a few runs and a videotaping of each participant.  Then, the ladies warmed up at the Summit House while sipping hot cocoa and watching their videos.  The instructor found areas for focus and consulted with each lady on strengths and needs.  The afternoon was spent practicing new skills.

On day two the Betties gathered again to continue refining their flair on the slopes.  That afternoon, participants were videotaped once again.  Ladies were able to see their videos back to back, receive feedback from their instructors and group members, and witness  the learning strides made in just two days.

Bettyfest is far from all work and no play.  The program involves a high level of Betty pampering.  Ladies don feather boas on the slope and relish in the attention.  Saturday lunch is provided at the prestigious five star Alpenglow Stube in Keystone’s Outback.

After venturing in from the cold, checking their coats and gear at the door, and relaxing into the restaurant’s slippers, the Betties enjoy a stand out three-course lunch.  Round one was a mouth-watering artichoke, roasted corn, and blue crab soup.  Next was the main course of grilled salmon with pesto, risotto, and asparagus.  Finally, the meal concluded with, naturally, Betty cakes and chocolate brownies each topped with pink cotton candy frosting.

Saturday also brought an après ski party at Luigi’s in Keystone’s River Run.  Betties, still full from lunch, gathered to sip, snack, and socialize about their adventures as well as enjoy giveaways from the events sponsors including Powerbar.

As an intermediate skier, I was thrilled to participate in this unique opportunity.  My group consisted of wonderful women excited to improve their “beginner bumps” abilities and break from our day-to-day lives.  There was a cathartic support among the women and we oozed encouragement for one another.

We all enjoyed the feeling of success and accomplishment by the end of our weekend.  Bettyfest rallied me to conquer the fear of the “bump” and several other insecurities in my skiing.  The return rate for Betties is quite high according to Judy Eskin, Betty program coordinator at Keystone, and I can definitely see why.  The ladies in my group all vow to return as do I.

This is a can’t-miss opportunity for any woman of any ability to enjoy a weekend of attention and fun.

Betty Fest continues on Feb. 26-27 at Keystone ski resort. A KAT skiing option may be added. Go to keystoneresort.com to book your Betty Fest experience.

— Jeannette Boyd

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