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7 things to do before ski season

This season, make your first day of skiing and riding one of your best! Avoid starting the day with one glove or ending the day with your legs aching. Start preparing now to enjoy the mountain from first chair to last call. We’ve compiled the top 7 ways to get your season started on the right ski.


  1. Get Excited.

As fall hits, it’s hard to say goodbye to those amazing summer days. That’s why, step one in the winter prep guide is getting excited for winter. An easy way to amp up your excitement for the season is to be around people who are already stoked for the snow to start falling.  Where to find them?  At a ski/snowboard premier near you! An hour of heart-pumping snow-filled action shots is guaranteed to get you excited for the upcoming season.  Come say hi, get some swag and maybe some special discounts – Keystone will be at TGR’s Premier in Boulder Oct. 8 and Denver Oct. 9!


  1. Buy Your Season Pass –If you are planning on skiing or riding just 3 days or more this season buying a season pass is the way to go.  The Keystone Abasin Season Pass is only $309 and includes unlimited skiing and riding at Keystone and Abasin with only a handful of blackout dates at Keystone.  Looking to add a few mountains?  Visit the season pass page to find the right pass for you. http://www.keystoneresort.com/plan-a-vacation/season-passes/season-passes-explorer.aspx


  1. Gear Check & Replacement – Take a trip down memory lane, your garage, storage unit or wherever you store your off-season gear. Once you’ve tracked down the holy grail, give it a good once over.  Figure out what’s not going to hold up for one more season and what’s on your new gear wish list.  Fall is the perfect time to reassess your gear because the ski and snowboard shops are having sales to clear out the remainder of last season’s styles.  For those not on a budget, Fall is the perfect time to get the biggest selection and sizing array of this season’s gear. Want to see what’s on our wish list? http://www.keystoneresort.com/deals/gearguide Hopefully Santa comes through this year, we promise we’ve been good!


  1. Workout – Start training now to make some of your first days on the mountain are some of your best.  Nothing is worse than having to cut your day short or skip that mogul run your buddies are on because your hamstrings, quads or glutes can’t stomach one more turn.  There are tons of training options from at-home exercises to winter sports training clinics.  Find something that works for you and start training today so you won’t be left behind. Start working on your legs of steal!<< http://www.keystoneresort.com/deals/winterfit>>


  1. Pray for Snow – Whether you are a devout Ullr worshipper, or prefer performing a nightly snow dance ritual, part of the excitement of winter is the anticipation of the next big snow fall. It may* be scientifically proven that sending prayers and good snow vibes out to Ullr or the universe at large increases snow by up to 25%.   Plus, if you actively participate in dreaming or wishing for snow – you get to take part of the credit when those big fluffy flakes fall from the sky. #KeyPow


*no studies have confirmed the scientific influence of praying for snow.


  1. Get Mad Skillz – Commit to yourself that this is the season you’ll improve your skills or fix that one nagging spot in your riding ability.  The best way to ensure you get better?  Enroll in a day at the Ski & Ride School.  Keystone offers lesson’s daily for every level of skiers and riders.  Want a women specific lesson?  Got it.  How about spending family time together on the mountain, while also improving everyone’s abilities? Got that too – it’s our new Family Private Lesson and just like our other private lessons you can fit up to 6 people at no extra charge.  Looking for a lesson discount? Book Online!  You can save up to 10% off lessons by booking at least 24 hours in advance on the web.  Plus, buy 2 get 1 Free on Adult Group Ski and Ride School Lessons. There you have it, there’s no excuse not to get mad skillz this year. http://www.keystoneresort.com/plan-a-vacation/book-ski-and-ride-lessons/lessons-selector.aspx


  1. Shoot for the moon – This is your year. It’s the perfect time to dream big as you set your ski and ride goals.  The season hasn’t even started yet so nearly anything is possible.  Beat your personal record for days on the mountain, try KAT Skiing, learn the Outback like the back of your hand, plan that epic trip for you and your buddies, or organize a family get-together that they will never forget.


We’re making this year the best season ever, and you can too by following these 7 tips. We’ll see you November 6, 2015 for the start of another amazing season at Keystone!