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Mountain Sun Safety Tips

Two seasons, same sun.

Happy National Sunscreen Day! No, we didn’t really know about this day’s significance, but we all know the importance of protecting your skin — especially at 9280 feet. You are closer to the sun, the air is more dry and you often deal with reflective surfaces (ski slopes, lakes, etc.) which can make the sun’s rays even more potent.  No matter the season, sun screen in the mountains is a must. SPF 50 is my go to.


When you visit Keystone, you can protect yourself & treat your skin at the same time with a visit to the Keystone Lodge & Spa. The Spa offers a variety of skin treatments, massages, and relaxing packages. The Spa’s Lead Therapist & Esthetician Amy Meyers recommends their Customized Facial for skin care and protection:

“In this facial we cleanse the skin , exfoliate , masque, and sun protect the skin. The sun protection part of the facial is a three layer application of products from our Eminence Organic Skin Care.

  1. Application of  a sun protection moisturizer to the skin SPF 30
  2. Tinted moisturizer with sun protection SPF 25
  3. Last we apply Eminence’s  Sun Protection Mineral Powder to the skin that has an SPF 30.  This mineral sun protection is completely chemical free and will cause no irritation to the skin.   This powder is set with Eminences famous Stone Crop Hydrating  Mist that enhances the Sun Defense powder!!

After this facial you are sun protected for the day!”

You can try out the Keystone Lodge & Spa’s treatments on June 4th at a Stress Relief Workshop or on June 17th at the Bare Minerals Launch Party.

Get out & enjoy the sun and the summer!

Now that you know, sunscreen up and get outdoors! Don’t forget a nice sun hat to shade & keep you cool,and to protect your eyes from the sun as well with some UV blocking sunglasses. Happy National Sunscreen Day!