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Protect Yourself From Winter Sun With SuperGoop!

Summer may be winding down but don’t pack your sunscreen away just yet! Just because you don’t necessarily feel the heat, the sun can be arguably more dangerous for your eyes and skin during the winter months of the year.

Skiers & snowboarders have an increased risk of sun damage due to being higher in altitude and by receiving a double dose of the the Sun’s UV rays from the reflection off the snow. So how do you guard against the sun while on the slopes? Apply, Reapply, Repeat.


Before you leave your condo or hotel room apply a broad spectrum sunscreen (30 SPF and above, I’ll usually go with 50 SPF) to any skin that will be exposed to the sun. Make sure to apply liberally and zone in on sun care hot spots: lips, nose, neck, under the chin, ears, hands, and around the eyes. When you head out on the slopes take some travel sized sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours, sooner if you are sweating.


Wondering which sunscreen we’d choose? SuperGoop!  They’ve just become a partner with Vail Resorts and sent us a few samples to try! The Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen was my favorite, not oily or sticky, a pleasant but not too powerful aroma, and it doesn’t contain parabens, oxybenzone, or synthetic fragrances, and is gluten free! Our other early favorites were the Every Day Sunscreen which rubs in easy and doesn’t leave and white residue and the tingly Mint Fusion Lip Balm.


We all love bluebird winter days but before rushing out to get those first turns make sure to apply some SuperGoop! and protect yourself while you play!