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The Adventures of Zabel – Easy Street

Can you believe the 2014 season is already coming to an end? I was able to ride so many days and tons of terrain with my family plus I turned five years old. I’m still working on the really crazy goggle tan…someday it’ll happen when my parents forget sunscreen!

With closing day approaching, I’ve been really working on my park skills. Since I’m a lil’ ripper, I might as well rip up the terrain park! You can find me in Easy Street Terrain Park. It’s perfectly sized for kids my age and I can even watch the parents lapping park. Since it’s my favorite park, I wanted to share my favorite Zabel-sized features.

Disco Box

It’s one of my favorite features to learn new tricks on. If I keep my board flat and point in the direction I want to travel – I just slide across the disco box until I’m all the way to the end. If I’m not careful though, things can get a little squirrelly and before I even know what’s happening I’m sorta unintentionally throwing down a boardslide.

Mini Jump

I just turned five years old but I’m starting to conquer air time on the mini jump! I keep my board straight heading into the tiny takeoff and get ready to launch! It’s a pretty awesome feeling to catch a few inches of air under my board. My dad makes sure to cheer me on – it rocks.


The awesome thing about my dad and I in Easy Street is that I never have to take my board off and hike up to try a feature again. My dad takes off his board while I practice and is there for a lift back up the hill so I can try again and again. I’ve seen some older kids and teenagers having to take off their boards and walk back up. That really looks exhausting to me! But I bet next year my dad will say I’ve graduated to the hiking group. Fingers crossed he won’t.

I loved every day of this season and learning new tricks on and off the slopes. Can’t wait to catch some of you in these last few days on the slopes.

Enjoy yourself!!!!

Hugs and high fives,

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