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Women Ultimate 4 Lessons


We spent the afternoon shadowing a Women Ultimate 4 Lesson. This new women’s specific class is the ultimate ski experience for women. The small class size (no more than 4), supportive environment, and timing of this class all makes skiing more accessible and empowering!


The girls started arriving at the River Run meeting point around 12:15 and were very chatty, there were no men, no kids, and almost instantly camaraderie was being formed. They shared their excitement and stories of past skiing experiences, some of them not so pleasant: being dragged out by a boyfriend or struggling to keep up with friends. Some of the girls were very new to the alpine environment and had never tried skiing before and some who were experienced skiers and just wanted some pointers to improve their technique. The ladies were grouped by abilities into classes of 4 or less taught by a fun, energetic female instructor, which created the perfect dynamic for a safe and supportive environment. They shared their experiences and tips between them as they learned.


At the end of the lesson, the Women’s Ultimate 4 helped to build confidence in skiing for these women. It gave them the opportunity to experience skiing how they wanted: building a foundation, improving fundamentals,or just having some fun on the slopes!



These Lessons run from 12:30 to 3:15, a quick few hours to get out on the mountain while not taking up most of the day. The early afternoon timing allows for plenty of time to enjoy other activities or to spend a relaxing morning. For moms with children in ski school this leaves the morning free to get the day going and ends with enough time to pick up children in lessons at 3:30. Click here for lesson details.