Welcome to Keystone

The Adventures of Zabel: Let’s Hit The Park

ES-Box-2“Jibtastick” is what we call it, have you visited Easy Street Terrain Park??  Easy Street is one of my favorite places on Keystone Mountain, I don’t usually go riding without making a couple laps through Easy Street;  It has everything a little shredder could ask for (or a big shredder).  The boxes are super great for learning and are the perfect size to learn your skills, and there are a lot of them on the left side- all the way down, my favorite one is the down box!!

My mom and dad like easy street because the features are small enough and not too scary to someone just learning how to scoot across and I can ride right on the boxes, the jumps are safe and fun too. They aren’t too big and have good smooth landings, though dad said I did go too fast one day! ES-Jump

The jumps are my favorite, they are on the right side of Easy Street, Bend your knees—Pop off the lip—Keep your board straight—Stomp it—Then get ready  for the next one!!  After the jumps there is a cool “Hip” which is fun to launch off of, my dad like to try and jump the whole thing, then there is a cool little Halfpipe, perfect for making some fun turns and jumping.

If you are visiting Keystone or live here and want to practice your Jibbin then Easy Street is the best place to learn, it’s a great place to hang out and hike your favorite box or jump, keep it chill !

Hope to see you in the park!

Hugs & High Fives!!