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The Adventures of Zabel – Spring Snowboarding!

Can you believe it’s already time for Spring on the slopes?  There is nothing better than spring snowboarding and hanging out at Keystone.  I just had a birthday and I turned 5 years old.  This is probably the 2nd snowboard season that I can remember.  As much fun as I am having with the nice warm temps and plenty of snow I am sure this is a spring that I won’t soon forget.  Let me take you through a typical Spring day for me at Keystone.


First of all let me confess that I am always hungry.  But…..I am pretty picky!  If it weren’t for Mac n Cheese from Spoon Cafe or pizza from Pizza on the Run then I am sure I would go hungry.  But… both of these joints have just what I like.  So my family always stops first to get my tummy good and full before I hit the slopes.

After I eat I don’t get too far before I see something that grabs my attention.  Keystone has so many fun things for kids to do in the village. I found some blocks and got right to work stacking them up and karate chopping them down.  I could have stayed here all day doing my ninja turtle moves but we had to keep moving if we were gonna get to the slopes for laps.

After a quick ride up the gondola my 1st stop was Kidtopia (the giant snow castle).  I love to play there.  They have slides and a maze in the woods.  I love to try and lose the adults that are with me.  I am “super fast” running through the snow maze.

photo (56)

It’s not every day that I get to do all this fun stuff before we even take a run but on this nice spring day the powers that be saw fit for me to have some extra play time.  After all this running around we headed to Summit house for a quick break.  During our snack break my parents decided I needed to get in at least 5 minutes of Pre-school academics.  So I was allowed to sort my M&M’s by color and count them before I devoured them.  Yum, Yum!

Homework at SummitHouse

Now it was time for the highlight of my day!  RIDING!!!!  We set off for a few runs and a little board slide on a table top.  I swear the park is super fun and the big people are always pretty sweet to give me my share of turns and high fives.


After all this fun it was time to head home.  Wow, what an awesome blue bird day!  Now it’s time to head to the car.  I don’t mind at all because spring conditions in the parking lot mean a bit more fun while everyone gets their boots off.


Hope to see you all on the mountain this spring.  It’s a blast.

Hugs and High Fives,


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  1. Someone needs to make puddle proof boots for the "littles" that can't stay out of the puddles!

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