Welcome to Keystone

Adventures of Zabel: The World’s Largest Snowfort at Kidtopia











Kidtopia Events are underway at Keystone (Kidstone) and my favorite spot on the mountain is open- the Kidtopia Snow Fort! This is the biggest Snow Fort in all the world (or in my little world).  It’s my favorite place to stop between runs, play in the “mazes” and slide through tons of cool slides built into the castle.

The slides are really fast, and the mazes are a great place to play hide and seek in, sometimes it takes my mom and dad a long time to find me. When I stand beside it I look really short, this years’ castle is even taller than last year!

There are so many Kidtopia events for kids (and parents) planned every day at Keystone! One of my favorites is Ripperoo’s Parade on Saturday at 4:00pm, it’s a giant float for kids – led through the River Run Village by my favorite dude Riperoo and everyone gets FREE cookies at the ice rink after, it’s a BLAST!!

Blog 11Another Saturday favorite is Kidtopia fireworks, I usually go up on the mountain and watch with my dad, they are super big and loud – and if you sit near the 1st Gondola stop (midpoint) they go off right over your head at 7:00pm!

Another super fun and crazy Kidtopia event is the Bigfoot Adventure Walk- you get to learn Bigfoot facts and once it’s dark you go looking for Bigfoot tracks and signs along the river. Last time, I saw bigfoot tracks and a tree where he left claw marks and some of his hair stuck to a tree where he scratched his back!! 

Don’t forget Kidtopia Cookie Hour (another one of my favorites)- it’s fun to hang out with Riperoo warm up and play while having FREE Cookies, it’s every day at 4:00pm Dercum Ice Rink.

While you’re there you have to check Kidtopia Ready Paint Fire- where you get to pick out your own ceramic pottery and paint, paint, paint!! It’s super fun for the whole family- I just did this again last week and painted a Crab, last time I did a Moose plate and a Jet, it’s open from 12-7:00pm every day.

There are sooo many more fun Kidtopia events that make Keystone RAD, that’s why I call it “Kidstone”, check out more Kidtopia events like Ice Cream with Riperoo and don’t leave Keystone without going Tubing, it’s pretty GNAR!!

Hope to see you at the Snow Castle, at The Parade or On the Kidstone Slopes!!

Hugs and High Fives!!