Welcome to Keystone

Bike park 100% open – 7/8/19

With recent good weather, and the hard work of our trail crew, the Keystone Bike Park is 100% open. Throughout the summer our crew will intermittently close individual trails for maintenance, and to support the snowmaking upgrade construction underway. Have fun out there and be safe!



We’re opening up from the top tomorrow 7/4! Happy Independence day!

Keep in mind with our on-mountain snow-making project,  ALL trails could be subject to a temporary closerat any time.

REMINDER: you can still exit at the mid-station for a shorter warm-up lap. Patrollers will be on hill helping answer any questions that might come up.

Open trails include:

  • Girl Scouts – Green (delayed opening 7/4)
  • Suz’s Cruse – Green
  • Let it Ride – Green
  • Mosquito coast – Blue
  • Cowboy Up – Black
  • Jam Rock – Double Black
  • Punk Rock – Black
  • Holly Roller – Black
  • Butchers Hook – Blue
  • Money – Black
  • Loggers Way – Blue
  • Paid in Full – Black  from the corner of 1st and 2nd Rd (bottom of burrow alley- where the Drop Zone is)
  • 3-P road
  • Cadillac road

Girl Scouts and Cowboy Up are the only two true trails off the top. Suz’s Cruse is after Girl Scouts that will lead you to Let it Ride or Mosquito Coast. After Cowboy up you’ll need to take Girl Scouts to the top of Suz’s  Cruse. Other trails can be reached by going down Jackstraw Rd. Ether from the top, or after Girl Scouts. Once on Suz’s Cruse your committed to ether Let it Ride or Mosquito Coast. Take Jackstraw Rd to Jam Rock or continue down Jackstraw to Paid in full (at the bottom of Burrow alley or at 1st and 2nd Rd), which will link you up with Punk Rock, Holly Roller, Loggers, and or Money.

These trails will remain closed until further notice:

  • Motorhead
  • TNT
  • Upper Paid in Full
  • Milky Way
  • High Speed Dirt
  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Holly Diver
  • The Drop Zone