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First time mountain biking?

Whether it’s your first time mountain biking at Keystone or just your first time mountain biking – here’s some tips and tricks to make your experience a whole lot better!

Take a lesson

Sure, it’s riding a bike. You learned how to do that already…but do you know how to downhill mountain bike? Get off the seat and start learning properly with our bike 101 First Timers Package. It’s the perfect introduction that teaches all the basic skills needed to ride the mountain. Better yet, it includes single track and dirt roads from mid-mountain. So you’ll pick up all the tricks and tips to guide you on your next full ride from the top without wearing you out on day one. These clinics are available seven days a week at 10am and 1pm. Midweek (Monday-Friday) clinics are $99, weekend clinics (Saturday and Sunday) are $109. Clinic costs include the XC bike rental (Trek Fuel EX 5 or similar) with helmet and knee/shin/elbow padding.

Tune-ups are good

Has your bike been sitting all winter? Before you hit the trails, treat it good and send it in for a tune-up. Our staff at Keystone Sports in River Run Village is here to help with a full tune-up to get your bike into tip top shape for the trails this summer. In case you forgot something at home, stop in to see if they’ve got you covered.


Warm-up in the Skills Park

First time back on the bike? The Skills Park at the base of River Run is free and a great spot to warm up before heading onto the trails. The beginner section offers a mix of features you’ll encounter on the trails like roots, rocks, bridges and jumps. The intermediate and advanced section offers drops and jumps perfect for practicing your newly found bike skills on.

Take your time

For first timers not doing the mid-mountain bike 101 clinics, riding from the top to the bottom is 7 miles – woo that’s a lot for a first timer. In case you need a break from the 7-mile journey, we have service roads that you can easily hop on to quicken the pace to the bottom of the mountain. If you happen to do the top to bottom laps, take your time and take breaks. It may be downhill but it still takes energy and time to get down the mountain. There’s no rush to get down the mountain and you can enjoy some pretty scenic spots along the way. Keep a lookout for our water coolers along the green trails to fill up your water bottles and keep you hydrated for the ride down.


Scout the trails

If it’s your first time to Keystone – start scouting the trails to see what you might be interested in. Our Bike Crew staff is around the trails and will help point you in the right direction depending on your ability level. A couple good options for ability levels are:

Beginner Trails:
-From the Top, try warming up on Girl Scouts. If that’s too much for you, when it connects to the Service Road…take that midway down the mountain, it helps get you down on a wide road without doing the full 7-mile journey. Towards the bottom take Sleepy Hollow to Easy Street.

Intermediate Trails:
-Girl Scouts is a great warm-up but remember there are slower riders on it and to be patient with them. Take a ride down Girl Scouts until you connect with Eye of the Tiger or Mosquito Coast. Eye of the Tiger offers more technical features with tougher terrain while Mosquito Coast is more flowing, berms with natural features.

Advanced Trails:
-Looking for more berms and fast paced riding? Start onto Milky Way with high speed drops, berms and fun features before heading down High Speed Dirt to Jam Rock or the newly redone Paid in Full to Money.
-Want to get techy? Send it into Cowboy up with high speed drops, features and the massive rock garden to test your skills.
-Winding down to the base you’ll find yourself on Keystone’s hardest features. Take a ride down Sanitarium with our famous corkscrew wooden bridge to technical terrain or cruise through wooden skinny ramps on Even Flow. Better yet, for fun adrenaline pumping riding with technical features, head down Wild Thing or Helter Skelter.

Attend a Bike Event!

For the ladies learning to downhill mountain bike, check out the Beti AllRide Clinic returning to Keystone on June 21-22, 2014. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn the trails with other ladies.

The Big Mountain Enduro is back from July 12-13, 2014. This unfortunately means the Bike Park will be closed for this major race but it’s a great chance to watch the action from the lifts and the mountain.



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