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Kids are king at Keystone’s Kidtopia

Kidtopia at Keystone

What did you spend your time doing as a child? Mud pies? Building forts? Arts and crafts? Terrorizing your parents? If you’re anything like me, you probably did a little of everything – just not in one day.

Lucky for you, you can get all of those joys out of your kids’ systems in one fell swoop. Kidtopia at Keystone ski resort houses so many activities and mysteries for your children to revel in, you may think twice about trying another form of entertainment for the little ones.

Activities for your children to enjoy include disco tubing (and you thought it died!), face painting, magic shows, snowflake crafts, a village parade, snacks, and of course, time in the giant snow fort on the top of the mountain. There kids can speed down snow slides, play hide n’ go sneak, and cause a ruckus.

Such fun for kids is Kidtopia that it was featured in the ABC Family original movie, “The Dog that Saved Christmas Vacation,” which also starred one of the ski patrol dogs of the mountain. In a few of the scenes the “bad guys” tromped through the snow fort trying to get at Zeus and Bella, the top dogs of the film, and  wandered around Keysone ski resort highlighting a lot of what the resort has to offer for children.

Specific weekends are best to visit Kidtopia as the parades and kid festivals the resort hosts doesn’t happen all the time. Be sure to come by the resort Jan. 29-30, Feb. 18-21, and March 12-14.

–Morgan Bast

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