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Snowmaking Is Underway!


Although we’ve had snow teasers in the form of dustings throughout the fall, this past weekend gave us our first true taste of winter. on Sunday morning most of us awoke to beautiful white covered surroundings & mountain tops and snow continued to fall through the day. River Run village was instantly transformed into a winter wonderland and snow began to cover trails from Dercum Mountain to the Outback.

See the winter sights from River Run Village 


As most of us threw our first snowballs or snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy the snowfall, our Snowmaking Team sprang into action! Working through the wee hours of the morning, our snowmaking system began to fire up. By morning snowmaking operations were in full swing from top to bottom on Dercum Mountain.


We’ll be open before you know it, October 31st to be exact. Are you ready? Until then, thanks to our Snowmaking Team for helping with our winter makeover! See you soon!

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