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The Adventures Of Zabel – Why Does Summer Go By So Fast?

Conquering Kidtopia’s Rock Wall!

My summer was totally awesome.  This was the best summer I have ever had.  The reason for my totally awesome summer was Keystone Resort.  Really I didn’t spend much time anywhere else.  I did go camping in the motor home and to my grandma and grandpa’s house but besides those times I could have been found in the village.




Keystone has Kidtopia every Tuesday in River Run Village and everything is FREE!  I could invite all my friends and we could do every activity as much as we wanted.  I think I have had about every tattoo on the list.  The balloon maker is awesome.  I had the balloon guy make me a green dolphin that was my favorite.  The jumpy castle is awesome too.




Zabel was flying high this summer!



On Saturday’s Keystone had another Kidtopia with more stuff to do.  They had a giant bubble machine where you could get covered in suds.  Also, there was a train to ride.  I made my biggest brother who is way older than me and his wife ride the kid train.  That was a blast.  I think they were embarrassed.  Saturday’s I saw a lot of my friends from all over the county who came to Kidtopia.




Catching some air in the “Jumpy Castle”



Throughout the week I used my Keystone summer pass to play all day in the River Run Village.  My mom says that was the best babysitter ever.  My mom read her book and relaxed and I used all my crazy energy to do the activities.  Jumpy castle, trampoline bungee jump, mountain climbing, panning for gems and the mine shaft maze were my activities to do in the village each day.




The best part of all of summer was getting to know all the Keystone workers in the village.  These guys were my best friends over the summer.  Rain, wind, sun or clouds these friends made my day perfect.  They played with me and made me laugh.  I wanted to do something nice for these guys and gals so once a week I made them some really sugary cupcakes.  I had fun making them and they had fun eating them.


Well, Goodbye Summer 2014.  I am counting down the days until I get to strap on my snowboard.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall my life is so much fun.  I can’t wait to tell you guys all about snowboard season this year.


Hugs and High Fives,



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  1. Why does summer go by so fast?

  2. What a cute little boy!!! Keystone Resort looks like a fun place for kids!!

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